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- WILLAMS-BALLY 1990-2000
- STERN 1999-current
- WILLIAMS 1977-1990
- BALLY 1976-1990
- DATA EAST 1986-1994
- SEGA 1994-1999
- GOTTLIEB 1989-1996
- GOTTLIEB 1978-1989
- STERN 1977-1984
- CAPCOM 1995-1996
- ZACCARIA 1978-1987
- ATARI 1976-1979
- ALVIN G 1991-1994



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Rubber Ring Kits

Things you want to know about Bay Area Amusement rubber kit which are superior to most other kits on the market:

  • We use the best rubber parts (STC  for most of our rubbers) - there is a difference!
  • We include the right documentation (overview of rubber kits, detailed parts list, rubber placement (when available), ring sizing chart, rubber ID chart) to help you get things in the right place!!! See below:

  • We offer flipper color options on many Ring Kits - you can pick what we specify (usually what the flyer was pictured as, or you may choose a more common color) - or customize!
  • We include Stop bumpers and Plunger rubbers in our kits (many do not)!!

When you order a ring kit, we take care at insuring that it's the most accurate and best representation of the rubbers from the factory.

BAY AREA AMUSEMENTS: About Our Pinball Rubbers Kits 

WHAT OUR PINBALL RUBBER KITS INCLUDE: rubber rings, flipper rubbers, rebound rubber, rubber post sleeves, and plunger tips when applicable to the specific game. Each kit is specifically designed for the specified game and is not interchangeable with other games. 

QUALITY: a lot has been discussed about the quality of rings. We continuously focus on finding and using the best rings that we can find. There are definitely inferior rubber rings on the market, and we completely stay away from those, which are typically manufactured in asia. Rubber rings of the correct diameter, non-faded white rings, rings that wear correctly, etc are all qualities of the rings that we sell. Our rubber parts are sourced within the U.S. and Europe from quality rubber manufacturers. 

COMPLETE: we strive to offer as ‘complete’ rubber kits as we can. Rubber kits are based on the combination of game manual specifications, as well as incorporating any feedback we receive on inaccuracies between the production game and the manual specifications for playfield rubbers. Games were often produced after their manual was produced, and in certain instances late design changes to the playfield were not reflected in the manual. In addition, during production runs if the manufacturer ran out of a part, they would often substitute a different part (color, size, omit the part, etc) based on the situation. Any situations that we are aware of will be noted in the description for the specific rubber kit for each game. For parts which are No Longer Available (NLA) from any source, we will note that in the game, as well as any substitutions (usually color) due to lack of availability of the original part. 

ADDITIONAL RUBBER PARTS: any additional rubber parts that you need for your game are available at additional cost, please specify at ordering time to save on shipping. 

FEEDBACK: please give feedback on the rubber kits so we can improve. As there are a number of different situations that can happen, please e-mail us with your questions and we take your feedback and improve our kits – but this requires your input! 

LOCATION & RING SIZE CHART: with each kit we will include a ring sizing chart as well as wherever possible a playfield layout which shows locations and placement of each part in the pinball rubber kit. If you have trouble matching parts to the game, these charts will help. Additionally, we include a listing of the parts in the kit. 

CARE FOR PINBALL RUBBER: pinball rubbers, especially white rubbers will get a band of dirt from the ball during game play, so it’s important to periodically clean the pinball rubbers. There are too numerous cleaners that can be used, such as Wildcat RC-88, Novus #2, and plain old soap and water – but stay away from caustic and dangerous or flammable liquids, and read the instructions carefully on the product use. Additionally, rubber parts decay when exposed to UV radiation (from sunlight, fluorescent lamps, etc). Take care to cover playfields if they are exposed for long periods to light sources to insure maximum life and durability of your rubber parts. 

We’ve done our best to put together the most complete pinball rubber kits, and continue to check on our kits and improve them as we get more information by installing them on our games, or get feedback from others who provide us feedback. We apologize in advance if there are any incorrect or incomplete items in our kits from time to time.

Rubber Ring Kits