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- WILLAMS-BALLY 1990-2000
- STERN 1999-current
- WILLIAMS 1977-1990
- BALLY 1976-1990
- DATA EAST 1986-1994
- SEGA 1994-1999
- GOTTLIEB 1989-1996
- GOTTLIEB 1978-1989
- STERN 1977-1984
- CAPCOM 1995-1996
- ZACCARIA 1978-1987
- ATARI 1976-1979
- ALVIN G 1991-1994



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Gameroom 1993 Digital CD Archive - 12 Issues - Vol 5

Gameroom 1993 Digital CD Archive - 12 Issues - Vol 5
Code: LT-GRVOL1993-5
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12 issues of GameRoom Magazine, restored and preserved in Adobe PDF format, with an integrated browser, all on one CD! It's the perfect way to complete your GameRoom Magazine collection, and the ultimate GameRoom reference tool: all the reviews, news, restorations, interviews, and more -- just a mouse click away!

- The Genius Behind Bugs Bunny: Animator/Director Robert McKimson by Steve Blankenship
- FIX "EM": Some Circuit Basics
- Peep Show Pulchritude by Dick Bueschel
- Music Boxes and Jukeboxes 1900-1990
- Pinball Corner: The West Coast Shows by Herb Silvers
- Collecting Ice Cream Dippers by Wayne Smith
- A Man and His Dream (Steve and Laura Engel of Mayfair Amusements) by Laura Lyons
- Chicagoland Show by Steve Blakenship
- FUNdamentals
- Pinball Corner: Whirlwind, by Herb Silvers
- Which Jukebox is for Me? by Ray Eklund
- A Find of a Lifetime by Pete Szikura
- FIX "EM": Experiment 2
- Rock Around the Jukebox '92 by Jim Scheideman
- Pinball Corner, by Herb Silvers
- German Coin Machine Auction by Jim Scheideman
- Pepsi-Cola Memorabilia by Randy Feldman
- Taking a Look at Dick Bueschel's Landmark Book, PINBALL 1
- Fabulous Fantasies, by Herb Silvers
- Jukebox Novelty Records by Jim Farago and Rose Tash
- The View from Baltimore by Ira Wexler
- Packard Speaker Quiz by Wayne Kline
- Fabulous Fantasies by Herb Silvers
- FUNdamentals
- The Ristau Family, Part 1 by Ben Humphries
- FIX "EM": Series-Parallel Switching Circuits
- Dixieland Extravaganza
- Philadelphia Coin-Op Auction
- Pinball Corner by Herb Silvers
- The Winds of Change by Harry Rinker
- Opportunities Auction
- The Ristau Family, Part 2 by Ben Humphries
- Fabulous Fantasies Gameroom by Herb Silvers
- Coin-Op Dealers of America and Chicagoland Show Report by Larry Sweeny
- The Story of the Harlequin by Dick Buschel
- April Chicago Shows by Wayne Kline
- On the Watch: A New Look by John Osborne
- Pinball Corner: The Pinathon 1993 Show by Herb Silvers
- 1993 Philadelphia Gameroom Show by Steve Ebner
- From The Editorial Offices of Big Daddy Love
- Gameroom News
- Tilting Planet: Cue Ball Wizard and the Vampires of Broadway by Harold Goldberg
- Off the Shelf by Victor Zummo
- Inside Your Bingo by Russ Jensen
- Pinball Corner by Herb Silvers
- FIX "EM"
- Fabulous Fantasies Gameroom by Herb Silvers
- A Lost Treasure Found: Sea-King by John F. (North Dakota Pete) Buegel
- The Disc Jockey and His Records by John Osborne
- Inside Your Bingo by Russ Jensen
- July Pasadena Show by Wayne Kline
- Fabulous Fantasies Gameroom by Herb Silvers
- The Lure of Spanish Eyes by Bill Cowles
- Back Yard Opportunities Auction
- The Fabulous 50s...Just When You Thought it Was Over by Big Daddy Love
- Pinball Corner by Herb Silvers
- Watch the Bouncing Ball...Go! by Dick Buschel
- Fabulous Fantasies Gameroom by Herb Silvers
- Heee's Back: An Editorial by Randy Feldman
- The Dream Workshop
- Off The Shelf by Victor Zummo
- Dick Bueschel's TRADE 2 Reissued
- The Big Gottlieb Sign, by John Osborne
- None of Your Damn Business! Part 1 by Rinker
- 5th Annual Collectible Expo
- GameRoom Magazine 5-year Review
- 1993 Collector's Expo