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- WILLAMS-BALLY 1990-2000
- STERN 1999-current
- WILLIAMS 1977-1990
- BALLY 1976-1990
- DATA EAST 1986-1994
- SEGA 1994-1999
- GOTTLIEB 1989-1996
- GOTTLIEB 1978-1989
- STERN 1977-1984
- CAPCOM 1995-1996
- ZACCARIA 1978-1987
- ATARI 1976-1979
- ALVIN G 1991-1994



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X-Pin LED DMD Display - Green

X-Pin LED DMD Display - Green
Code: XP-DMD4096-G
Price: $279.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
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XPin™ Display Products — EVOLUTION EVOLVED.

LED DMD Display XP-DMD4096

The ONLY Plug-N-Play LED DMD Display Available Anywhere!


XPin™ LED Displays utilize the latest display technology and circuit designs to enhance your pinball machine while retaining the original factory look of Plasma displays. The LED module blocks are manufactured to exacting standards and utilize the latest manufacturing techniques to achieve never before seen power savings, exclusively for XPin™ products. Black faced blocks add to the aesthetics even when the game is turned off. All XPin™ LED Displays come supplied with a foam Light Block to help prevent light bleeds Into the display area.

XP-DMD4096 LED DMD Displays

XP-DMD4096-A Amber (Color Matched to ORIGINAL OEM Plasma Orange!)

XP-DMD4096-O Orange

XP-DMD4096-R Red

XP-DMD4096-G Green

XP-DMD4096-B Blue

XP-DMD4096-YG Yellow/Green

Product Overview

The XPin™ XP-DMD4096 is the long awaited LED DMD replacement to the high voltage Plasma-Dot display. Utilizing patent pending Light Wave design to mitigate the well known LED strobing effects, the XP-DMD4096 is an excellent replacement for the tired, out-gassed, and burned in plasma displays.

 XPin™ XP-DMD4096 series displays are the only true Plug-N-Play LED based dot matrix displays on the market today! Installation is simple and takes about 15 minutes. Simply replace the original display with your new XPin™ LED DMD display, plug in the connectors, and play your game. There are no wires to splice, no ‘hacking’, and no re-wiring of the cabinet!

Rather than tax an already marginal 20yr old 5V system, we decided to use the already existing +65V supply and efficiently regulate it down to the 5V required using the latest switching power supply design methods. In doing this, we still use the same power connector and data cable that exists in the games today. The only thing you need to do is remove the fuse for the -100/-110V supply for your own safety.

In addition, a Test Button, Power Indicator LED’s and Test Pads were added for your convenience. The Test Button allows you to do a quick check of the entire display. While the display is operating, just push the Test Button and all pixels will come on.

Included with each display is a Foam Light Block to eliminate that bothersome, bleed over GI light. A self-adhesive grey vinyl gel is also included to give it that monolithic appearance.

The XPin™ XP-DMD4096 has been tested in Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Capcom, Data East, Sega, and Stern pinball machines. Not all game titles have been tested, but all game manufacturers have been sampled.

Notice for ALL WPC, WPC89, and WPC95 Games:
We have taken into consideration the Well-Known, Well-Documented +65V failures
on the original OEM controller board – Many of these WPC Series games out there
have a +65V OEM system that may be getting weak after 20 yrs of hard use. The
+65V system in WMS WPC games is one of the highest failure points in the
display system. We at XPin™ have developed the new X•BRIDGE series which
has been designed to operate within the original game supply specifications. This
is a Plug-In module that will plug into the same connector locations on the WPC
system and “bypass the original supply”, but will provide a solid +65V to your
new XP-DMD4096 LED DMD Display.

Though it is NOT necessary, we do highly recommend using our new X•BRIDGE
XP-WPCHV or XP-WPC95HV when installing your new XPin™ XP-DMD4096 LED
DMD Display, as it is not a question of “if” your OEM controller board will fail,
but “when” it will fail.

To get the most efficiency from your new XPin™ XP-DMD4096 LED DMD Display
we recommend using our new XPin™ XP-WPCDMD-CTRL Controller which has
been designed specifically for the WPC and WPC89 Series of games.


· Multiple Color Options
· Test Button
· Plug and Play
· Foam Light Block
· Vinyl Gel


· Installation Time: About 15 Minutes, Depending on Game Title

· Tools Required: 1/4” Nut-driver, Phillips screwdriver

1. Unplug the AC power from your pinball machine. Remove game backglass.
Unplug all display board connecting cables and remove the original display
2. If not already in place, attach the Foam Light Block around the XP-DMD4096.
3. The optional grey Vinyl Gel is easily installed on top of the Foam Light Block
at this time.
4. A fiber paper backing has been provided to be mounted on the back of the
display board as a protection measure.
5. Replace the display with your new XPin™ XP-DMD4096 display.
NOTE: Depending on the manufacturer of your game, multiple assemblies
may have to be removed to get to the original display. Please take note as
to how the display is mounted in your game.
6. Connect all cables leading from the head to the display board.
7. Most games utilizing a OEM Plasma Dot display have two high voltage fuses.
For your safety, it is recommended that the -100/-110V high voltage fuse
be removed. The XP-DMD4096 requires the +65V to operate.
8. Double-check all connections, plug in the machine, and turn the game on.
Pressing the TEST pushbutton on the XP-DMD4096 board will illuminate all
pixels on the display. This indicates that all boards and cables in the XPin™
System are operating correctly.
9. PLAY PINBALL! You’ll enjoy your XPin™ display for years to come!