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- WILLAMS-BALLY 1990-2000
- STERN 1999-current
- WILLIAMS 1977-1990
- BALLY 1976-1990
- DATA EAST 1986-1994
- SEGA 1994-1999
- GOTTLIEB 1989-1996
- GOTTLIEB 1978-1989
- STERN 1977-1984
- CAPCOM 1995-1996
- ZACCARIA 1978-1987
- ATARI 1976-1979
- ALVIN G 1991-1994



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WPC DMD Controller Board

WPC DMD Controller Board
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XP-WPCDMD-CTRL Controller Board


XPin™ Controllers utilize the latest technology available to ensure reliable operation of your games. Re-engineered Power Supplies and Drivers, with additional Debug Features, allow your game to Operate much more Efficiently, Reduce Heat, and provide you with the Pinball experience you deserve.

Product Overview

The new XPin™ XP-WPCDMD-CTRL uses the latest FPGA (Field Programmable
Gate Array) technology to solve the design issues that reside in the Williams
WPC-S and WPC89 dot matrix controller board. The XPin™ XP-WPCDMD-CTRL
replaces all 4 different versions of the D-14039 used in those generation games.

The FPGA circuit design fixes the timing issues associated with the OEM design
which was due in large part to the IC count and board layout. Utilizing this
FPGA technology, we have added additional test features which will allow the end
user to verify that this board is functioning as designed and providing an
independent method of testing the dot matrix display outside of the game software,
helping the end user to determine if a bad display is a bad display and not some
other component in the game.

The FPGA circuit design also allows for an increased scan rate, which is needed
for LED based dot matrix displays. Original OEM Plasma DMD’s, due to their
technology, have an effect called persistence. Persistence is the time it takes
to go from an ON state to an OFF state. Persistence in the OEM display’s lasts
~1/1000 of a second. The persistence of an LED is significantly less then this.
The increased scan rate allows for the LED to stay on for a longer period of time
and reduces the strobing effects associated with LED technology.

A redesigned High Voltage section provides a solid foundation for the operation of
the OEM High Voltage Plasma Dot displays. Centralized test points allow for easy
voltage measurements.

Though it is not necessary to change your OEM Plasma Display to work with our
new XPin™ XP-WPCDMD-CTRL Controller, you can upgrade your old plasma
display to our new XPin™ XP-DMD4096 LED DMD, in your choice of colors —
Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow/Green, or Amber (Amber is our color matched
Plasma Orange).

Supported Games

Addams Family, Addams Family Gold, Black Rose, Corvette, Creature From the
Black Lagoon, Demolition Man, Dirty Harry, Dr. Who, Dracula, Fish Tales,
Flintstones, Gilligan's Island, Hurricane, Indiana Jones, Indianapolis 500,
Jack•Bot (DMD Version Games Only), Johnny Mnemonic, Judge Dredd, No Fear,
Party Zone, Popeye, Road Show, Slugfest, Star Trek the Next Generation,
Terminator 2, The Getaway, The Shadow, Theater of Magic, Twilight Zone,
White Water, Who Dunnit, World Cup Soccer '94


   · Re-Engineered High Voltage section, eliminating shortcomings in the
     original OEM design.
   · Debug system independent from the original game firmware.  Allows the
     user to verify the functionality of the Controller and dot matrix Display
     independent from the game MPU and Firmware.
   · Multi-rate Scanning.  Research has shown that different games and even
     different firmware revisions for the same game can have slightly different
     scan rates.  XPin™ has developed a system to adjust the scan-rate of the
     dot matrix display to reduce the flicker that is often times visible in OEM
     plasma displays and LED dot matrix displays.  Increasing the scan rate
     allows for smoother animations.  This multi-rate scanning is part of our
     Patent Pending LightWave Technology.

The XPin™ XP-WPCDMD-CTRL has a dipswitch for additional functionality.
The table below defines what is available.  When referencing SCAN RATE,
the DMD display has a certain refresh rate that is dependant on factors such
as Game firmware and firmware revision.  Though not easily seen with the
original OEM plasma displays, with LED displays these variations of scan rates
can be noticed during normal game operation, causing a “flickering” effect.
XPin™ LightWave Technology, utilizing innovative hardware circuit design,
mitigates this effect by allowing the user to increase the scan rate of the
display.  Not all games will require the 4x Scan Rate setting, but it is a user


· Installation Time: About 20 minutes

· Tools Required: 1/4” Nut-driver, Phillips screwdriver

   1. Unplug the AC power from your pinball machine. Remove game backglass.
       Open back box.
   2. Remove OEM WPC DMD Controller board 
   3. Install the XP-WPCDMD-CTRL in the back box
   4. Connect all connectors as indicated.  Make sure to connect all ribbon cables
       with proper Pin 1 orientation
   5. Double-check all connections, plug in the machine, and turn the game on.
   6. All systems should be operational!  Play on!