Bay Area Amusements Helpdesk - Create New Ticket

Please correspond with Bay Area Amusements thru the e-mail enabled HELPDESK! E-mail is too easy to lose track of and SPAM filters on both sides remove important e-mail and we want to hear from you! The Bay Area Amusements helpdesk is what you need for asking questions about parts as well as any questions about an order. The store will create a ticket and we can keep track of the discussion:

Part Request (Part #)
If you don't see a part and would like us to try to find the part you can ask here, and we will try to locate it. Note that if the part is not on the web site, then we do not have it currently. But many parts are still available
Existing Order Questions
If you have an existing order and have some question about that order
Ask Technical Questions and we will try to help you. We can help point to places where there is writter material, manuals on-line, part # help, etc.
Web Store Questions
Please help us have the most accurate store - let us know about any errors on listing, broken links, etc. Note: If you don't see a part on the store, then it's currently not in stock. "INVITEM" or "Item Temporarily Out of Stock" mean the same thing - item
Other Questions
ACCOUNT/REWARDS Questions/Issues
Questions or issues about Account Setup and REWARDS program
Reserve/Hold Part
Use this to commit to a quantity of a part that we will be getting in - no pre-payment required, but follow-thru of purchase is expected. Only for SPECIFIC parts communciated by Bay Area Amusements to customers indicating that the part can be pre-reserved
Rubber Ring Kit Needed
Use this for any requests for rubber ring kits for games not listed on the site. We can usually within a couple of days create a kit and have it on the site if we have the correct manual/parts listing.
Supplier Questions
Questions from current and future suppliers around existing relationships, needs, new parts availability, etc.
Pinball Repairs / Maintenance
We provide pinball repair, maintenance, and light restoration services at our facility, as well as offer referral (south bay area only) for in-home services